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The Pacific Beach Democratic Club focus’ its efforts on advancing the goals of the Democratic Party, through public policy and political issue analysis, education, fund-raising, recruitment, coordination with other Democratic groups, and other activities to benefit the Party.

The club shall seek to publicize activities, and to build its membership from registered Democrats.  The Club shall develop a work plan, which shall be evaluated by the membership at least once every six months.  This work plan shall include a report on the number of registered Democrats within our areas, a report on Democratic voter turnout in Pacific Beach, and a comparison of local Democratic statistics to other political affiliations.

Club Purpose:

  1. Foster the ideals of the Democratic Party

  2. Provide a role for volunteers in the Democratic politics

  3. Help elect Democratic candidates

  4. Provide education of subjects of interest

  5. Support the party platform

We invite you to join us at our meetings.

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