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PB Dems Endorse Jennifer Campbell

The Pacific Beach Democratic Club proudly endorses Democrat Jen Campbell for San Diego City Council, District 2! As a Democrat, she shares our values, including:

  • tackling the homeless and housing crisis

  • addressing climate change

  • protection of the environment including our beaches and bay

  • sensible regulation of short term vacation rentals

  • stopping the Bahia Point land grab

Dr. Jen’s opponent, Trump Republican Lorie Zapf, does not represent the values of the large majority of District 2’s voters. She has voted against adoption of a climate change plan*, has expressed skepticism that climate change is real**, failed to seriously address the homeless and hepatitis A crisis, and refused to support a resolution against Trump’s border wall***. Let’s elect someone who truly stands with us, and for us!

Vote for Democrat Jennifer Campbell on November 6!

The Pacific Beach Democratic Club serves the communities of Bay Ho, Bay Park, Mission Bay, Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. Join our Club if you are interested in progressive activism, education and camaraderie. We look forward to meeting you soon!

* KUSI News, July 23, 2014, “City Council Passes Climate Change Plan Resolution”.

** San Diego Free Press, September 14, 2018, “Climate Change, Clogged Drains and Lorie Zapf”.

*** San Diego Union Tribune, September 19, 20187, “San Diego Leaders Vote to Oppose Trump’s Border Wall”,

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