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Happy Thanksgiving & Dec Meeting

Hello PB Dems! We want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving from the Executive Board! This year looks a lot different and the celebrations aren't the same, but we're quite grateful for our membership and this community.

Note that there are Thanksgiving Meal Programs available in San Diego that provide free meals for low-income community residents. Click here to be taken to the 2-1-1 San Diego page that lists available programs.

Next Club Meeting:


Date: Thursday, December 3rd

Time: 6:00pm (the Zoom will open 15-20 minutes prior for social time)

Where: Zoom!

Attire: Holiday clothes! Join us in wearing your best, or your ugliest, holiday sweaters or outfits!

We'll send out an official agenda prior to the meeting next week, but here's an overview:

PBDC Officer Elections

In December's meeting we will conduct our annual officer elections. Elected positions include:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

Please contact us at if you're interested in any of the positions above or have any questions. Please note - you can also join the Club's executive board in a non-elected role (social media, programs, etc.). Reach out to us to learn more!

Adopt a Family Holiday Fundraising

PBDC will provide the opportunity to Adopt a Family in need. We'll be fundraising to buy gifts and necessities for a family or two here in San Diego. Member Loxie Gant will be in attendance to give us more details.

Please note that we are very aware of how financially straining and tough this year has been for many. There is no pressure at all to donate. We just always like to provide an opportunity to do so for those who are able at the time.

Planning Session for 2021

With the election behind us, what would you like to see the Club focus on in the coming year? What do you think can be improved and what did you like that you want to see more of? What issues/topics would you like to hear from experts on? We'll discuss this in the meeting and want to hear your feedback going into the new year.

And lastly - Jeopardy!

For those who want to stick around after the meeting is officially called to close, we'll play a game of Jeopardy! We're bummed we don't get to hold our in-person holiday party this year, so we're improvising.

Thanks PB Dems! We'll send out another reminder next week with the official agenda for Dec. 3rd.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and we'll see you soon!

New Year, New Member Dues!

Your membership with the club makes sure that you are directly linked to all of the exciting, important, and critical work your fellow members and sister organizations are doing at the local, county, state, and national level to promote Democratic values and principles. Join or renew your membership today. Email us if you have any questions. *Please note - if you want to be eligible to vote on endorsements and Club actions, you need to be a member in good standing. This means paying your dues!* Dues are collected at the beginning of each calendar year.


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