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March Meeting: ByLaws & D2 Recall Forum

Mark your calendars for a jam-packed meeting on March 4th!

March General Meeting

Thursday, March 4, 2021

6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Zoom Link: TBA

Zoom login information and a concrete agenda will be provided next week - consider this our "save-the-date" for two important club votes!

Our upcoming meeting will focus on two main components:

1. A club discussion and vote on club bylaw changes proposed last month

. The bulk of these changes relate to quorum numbers and voting requirements.

Note: If you are unaware of your status as a member in good standing and therefore your eligibility to vote, please reach out to club leadership by emailing the PBDem Club at <>

2. A club forum and vote regarding the D2 Recall effort. The forum will consist of two, 10-minute presentations: one "pro-recall" and one "anti-recall." Presentations will be followed by a Question & Answer (Q&A) period. After the Q&A period, each eligible voting member will be called on and given 1 minute each for comment, followed by a comment period for other attendees (also limited to 1 minute each). Eligible voting members will then vote to take a club position to: 1) Support the recall effort, 2) Not support the recall effort, or 3) Abstain from this issue.

This meeting will be closely moderated in order to ensure that decorum is maintained among all attendees. To help inspire this, the chat will be disabled beyond the ability to contact moderators, who can share relevant links or contact information with the group on behalf of participants.

As always, please feel free to email us with any questions.

See you in two weeks, PB Dems!


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