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Mayoral Candidate Endorsements at September General Meeting

Date: Thursday, September 5, 2019 Time: 6:00 pm Location: Oakmont of Pacific Beach, 955 Grand Ave, 3rd Floor, San Diego, CA 92109 This is an endorsement notice - PB Dems will be hosting an endorsement meeting for the mayoral race at our September meeting. Currently, we have 4 of the declared Democratic candidates for San Diego City Mayor confirmed to attend. This includes: Councilmember Barbara Bry, Assemblymember Todd Gloria, Tasha Williamson, and Beatrice Marion. Candidates will have time to tell us about why they're running, what they stand for, and you will have time to ask them questions directly! We'll then vote to endorse using secret ballots per PBDC bylaws. (And yes, there wi

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