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Sheriff Endorsement in April

Our April meeting this Thursday will feature some important

announcements from community leaders and an endorsement vote for County Sheriff! Date: Thursday, April 7th Time: 6:00 pm via Zoom Zoom Link: Meeting Agenda and Past Meeting Minutes: This meeting will feature three main subjects: 1. Following normal club business, Wendy Gelernter will make announcements on behalf of her organization, Take Action San Diego! 2. We'll get a campaign update from PBDC's endorsed District 2 City Council Candidate, Joel Day, and hear about his specific plans to address homelessness. We'll also learn more about the canvassing event PBDC will be attending for Joel on Saturday, April 23rd! 3. As announced during our March meeting, PBDC will be holding a forum and endorsement vote for the San Diego Sheriff's race. There are two Democratic candidates running in this race, Dave Myers and Kelly Martinez. Both candidates have been contacted, however only Dave Myers responded and will be in attendance. His candidate endorsement questionnaire can be found here.The scheduled outline of the forum is as follows:

  1. 5-minute opening statement

  2. Following the opening statement, there will be an open question and answer period.

  3. The candidate will be sent to a separate Zoom breakout room (or asked to leave the meeting and come back) while members discuss.

  4. The Candidate will then be allowed back into the main Zoom room. Voting will take place via Google forms and the results will be tallied and the club position will be announced.

As always, this forum will be run fairly and respectfully. With that in mind, we are hoping to limit the use of the chat to relevant points of order and information, rather than commentary, as this can be distracting for the purposes of the forum.

See ya Thursday, PB Dems!

New Year, New Member Dues!

Your membership with the club makes sure that you are directly linked to all of the exciting, important, and critical work your fellow members and sister organizations are doing at the local, county, state, and national level to promote Democratic values and principles. Join or renew your membership today. Email us if you have any questions. *Please note - if you want to be eligible to vote on endorsements and Club actions, you need to be a member in good standing. This means paying your dues!* Dues are collected at the beginning of each calendar year.


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